Public Transportation options in pune

Pune, also considered as Pensioner’s Paradise, is a vibrant metro city in the west of India. Pune has now grown into an education hub, industry, and informational technology city but it still holds the essence of beauty with its ever-lasting trips to hill stations, forts, and many pilgrimage places. Pune, just like many other Indian cities, suffers from traffic issues leaving people with not much choice when it comes to public transport. If you are visiting Pune for the first time, you may find less public transport option as compared with other metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Transmit network in Pune is small starting from government buses to auto rickshaws and cabs. But, Ridlr makes your travel much easier with its travel guide feature. Ridlr will help you find the shortest distance between where you are and your destination making your experience more of a fun than traveling all day in a public transport. Thanks to Ridlr.