Download: Traffline (Android, iOS, Blackberry)

A handy traffic map for Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

Kamakshi S

It's that time of the year again, when the festive spirit starts in the country. While the city of Mumbai is thick into Ganapti celebrations, soon Kolkata and the southern cities will be preparing for Navratri. And with all of that if you take the road to work, expect a lot of diversions and traffic snarls. While apps such as Google maps can take you to your destination, tools such as Traffline (short for Traffic Line) can help you keep abreast of the traffic situation on your chosen route.

Available for Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore the app lets you track live traffic in your current route, along with estimated time of travel. Along the way, you will also get information about any untoward incidents holding up traffic. It also claims to suggest the best route to get to your destination.

The app is available free of cost, and is worth your time if you live in any of the three mentioned cities.

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