Birds Eye Systems is a Mumbai based start up with the vision to rid traffic woes that have become a part of every commuter’s daily life. Their strong technological research and backing allowed them to introduce the country’s first ever real time traffic tracker – Traffline. The ideation process began in 2008; when the founders (Brijraj Vaghani & Ravi Khemani) were still working in the US back then. They noticed that in the West, people were habituated to looking at traffic information before getting out of their house; it made planning travel so much easier. That’s when they decided that it was time India be introduced to this concept too. They returned to India in 2009 with a common goal of creating an Intelligent Transportation System for the country.

The Business Model

Too early to comment on. Traffline are learning and evolving, however in the past, we have been integrating the live traffic feed with multiple industries in the auto, travel and telecommunication sector and seen recurring revenues there. However, at this point, their focus is to acquire users, build a service that will be widely used and make a real difference to people’s lives.