All over the world an Israeli GPS-based app made a big hit: it’s called Waze, it was launched in Israel in 2008, and helps people to avoid street traffic.

If there’s a place in the world where traffic jams are really heavy and stressful, this place is India, a country home to over 20 million cars.

That’s why a group of Mumbai-based entrepreneurs developed Traffline, a web-based project and smartphone app that helps users from big metropolitan area in the country – such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi – providing them real-time info about traffic jams.

Traffline also shows instantaneous details on the congestion such as processions, blocked vehicles or accidents, via a crowdsourced system of real-time information sharing. It also provides the numbers of local traffic police.

But what are users gaining by helping sharing info on the app? They can be rewarded with points that can be redeemed inside the application (more on Buzzom).

Traffline is also on Facebook, and it’s active with a nice blog about the traffic situation in the biggest Indian citie. Real time info are also shared on Twitter(with specific channels for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore).

Besides Mumbai, Vaghani and his team are also privy to drivers’ and pedestrians’ habits on the roads of other metro cites like Delhi and Bangalore. For instance, Mumbai continues to have the dubious distinction of having the worst traffic jams. “The traffic is really bad in Bangalore during peak hours but in Mumbai, roads are perennially blocked. In addition to this, there are a lot more protests in the city,” adds Vaghani. The team’s future plans include taking the app across other cities (according to reports, the app will be made available in 10 more cities in 2014). “We want to improve user experience ... Also, people need to contribute more with traffic information,” he points out.