Public Transportation options in jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is also famously known as the Pink City of India and has a rich cultural heritage of arts and historical forts. With a long list of places to visit, you might feel confused about which route to take or which transport to travel with. It is true that riding a camel is undoubtedly a must-do experience that you must go through while you are in the desert, but in the city, it is important for a new visitor to know which type of transport is best and comfortable to move from one place to another. So, whether it is the Hawa Mahal or the Nahargarh Sanctuary, Ridlr helps you with each place in Jaipur to visit. Ridlr holds the best information about all the public transmits in Jaipur.

The bus service provides the most convenient and comfortable journey whereas the metro rail (which is going to be fully operational soon in Jaipur) is a bonus for the people living in the city. The other transmit network in Jaipur include cabs, Auto-rickshaws, and Train. Ridlr let you access the detailed map to each street on a touch. Waiting for a metro or bus? Worry not! Ridlr is here.