Public Transportation options in indore

Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is often called the Mini Mumbai. Located on the banks of river Saraswati and river khan, this city is rich in history and architecture and is well connected with the local transport. If you are a traveler with keen interest in nature and architecture, Indore is a must visit place. From Central museum to Gomatgiri, each corner of Indore is filled with joy and excitement. The local public transport of Indore mainly includes buses and metro taxis while railway connectivity has not been up to the mark. Due to the traffic congestion as with the most cities in India, people of Indore like to use bus services along with cabs and autos. All these local public transport are fairly cheap and buses have their routes all over the city making it the most used transportation by the people living in Indore and the new visitors.

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Have a happy journey to Indore.