Public Transportation options in hyderabad

Famously known for its historical monuments, Hyderabad, aka the Pearl City is one of the memorable historical cities of India. Traveling around the city of Hyderabad is quite easy due to the availability of various local public transportation like buses, trains, auto-rickshaw, and cars. However, just like any other Indian, Hyderabad too experiences a lot of traffic congestion on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, at present, this traffic problem has been solved to a fair extent with the construction of flyovers all over the city. Additionally, Hyderabad is also scheduled to get the metro service operating in the city to help cope up with the traffic congestion. The bus service in Hyderabad is fairly decent and cheap, yet expenses for the metro deluxe buses is a bit more expensive than normal.

If you are new to Hyderabad, you might find metered auto-rickshaws fairly cheap as compared to other metro cities. Hyderabad is also blessed with the suburban rail system (MMTS) connecting different junctions within the city. All these public transports make it easier for the tourists and public getting around Hyderabad.

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