9 Jul

What’s happening to public transport in Greece?

Just imagine, if we have Free Public Transport and government is going to bare it. Have you ever come across this situation? Now this is the scenario faced by the citizens of Greeks. We think this is first time such situation is happening in entire world. So we came up with this blog.

As Greeks bailout, crisis worsens; the government announced that public transport in Athens would be free this week.

Why Free Public Transport?

Greece’s banks have shut, possibly for the full week, and it’s increasingly difficult for the Greek population to get cash; with every ATM’s not functioning. Only few petrol stations are supplying fuel that in addition, it had very long queues and they are not accepting any mode of payment through credit cards. So people can’t use their private vehicles, hence public transport is the only mode of transport.


Greece transportation minister has announced that buses, trams, trolley-buses and Athens Metro will not require fares until next week. The fares are usually about $1.33 and the decision will cost the government about $4.44 Million this week.

The decision only covers greater Athens, where about 40% of Greece’s population lives.

Advisory for travelers:

If anyone travelling to Greece make sure you have extra cash as well different forms of payment because banks are closed as well as ATM’s. Daily ATM with drawl limits does not currently apply to most major foreign debit/credit card and petrol stations are not accepting credit card payments. Strikes are going on and it has a huge affect on all transportation to Greece.


What if this continues?

If this situation continues, the burden on the government will increase in monetary terms; right now the entire country is in financial crisis. Now this is going to increase its burden. Just imagine a day without public transport and no liquid cash in your pocket.

                                   Hope the situation gets better as soon as possible.

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