8 Apr

Train Food is Going Places. Are You?

Ordering food online for your train journey has been around for quite some time now, with many start-ups serving everything, from Rajma Chawal to pepperoni pizza. So whether you’re heading back home to Delhi from Hyderabad, or preparing for an interview out of station, your meal can be customized as per your request, and you can have it in the comfort of your berth.

We did some rather quick R&D to find out what would suit your palate and wallet, and found these start-ups to be pretty convincing.


Rail Darbar

With partners, such as Bercos , Sigri and Urban Tadka, Rail Darbar dishes out a mix of cuisines, with deals thrown in for good measure. You can also ask for Jain meals. Group discounts are available and a cab-hire facility is available for those who wish to save time after reaching their train station. www.raildarbar.com

Mera Food Choice

No non-veg here, but Mera Food Choice serves some no-fuss quality vegetarian meals to customers in over 8000 trains daily. Apart from staple Indian cuisines, you can also order Italian and did we mention desserts? Just keep your PNR handy and you’re good to order. www.merafoodchoice.com

Yatra Chef

These guys are pretty social and will take your orders on WhatsApp. Catering to multiple cities, nationwide, Yatra Chef will take orders 24/7 and see that you get what you asked for. Plus, you can chat with their “Food Advisor”. Cute? COD available, PNR required. www.yatrachef.com


HACCP certified and a member of Snack Food Association, Virginia, Comesum is perhaps the most popular of Railway food junctions. From tandoori kebabs to Jodhpuri parathas, this venture has it all, not forgetting mocktails and an assortment of Indian sweets. www.comesum.com

Travel Khana

Servicing train stations with choicest veg food, these guys claim to have already fed 800,000 satisfied passengers. Apart from meals, Travel Khana also dispenses a steady stream of savory snacks, crisps, juices and beverages. www.travelkhana.com

The online delivery of food in trains is more than just a boon. Once you have your choice of meal, you’re day is kind of sorted. You can also enjoy the journey, especially if you have good company. Or don’t suffer from motion sickness. Because food can’t help you there.

CAVEAT: Ridlr does not endorse any of the online services listed above. These are mentioned for informative purposes only.

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