14 Sep

Top 10 tips to avoid motion sickness

Motion sickness is a common disorder that is caused by the disturbance of the inner ear on account of repeated motion. It is also known as sea sickness, air sickness or car sickness. Any individual can have motion sickness. The intensity of sickness depends upon your sensitivity to motion. Children, women in advanced stages of pregnancy, or people with migraine are prone to have motion sickness.

Decoding-Motion-Sickness (Mini)

There’s no way you can save yourself from motion sickness but you can delay the onset or reduce the severity of its symptoms. Read on to find out more on tips that can help you feel better:

  1. Limit the consumption of fat rich food, alcohol, or any other thing that doesn’t agree with system.
  2. Avoid food with strong odour to prevent nausea.
  3. Choose a seat where you’re less likely to experience motion.
  4. Do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel.
  5. Always sit in the front seat of a car.
  6. Avoid reading or writing while travelling.
  7. Maintain a fixed gaze.
  8. Sit close to the window or an open vent.
  9. Do not be with people who have motion sickness, watching others falling sick would make you feel sick.
  10. Use over-the-counter medicines as prescribed by your physician.

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