15 Jun

Taking a Chopper to Work is Possible in 2016

Tired of endless traffic and commute time? Then maybe it’s time to travel in the sky with your own personal helicopter. Russian designers in Siberia are working on a two-seater helicopter that’s the cheapest in the world and is able to run on car fuel.

The company called HeliWhale revealed its unique chopper – an ultra-light, coaxial two-seater called Afalina – to the world in May, and goes into production in 2016. Weighing 270 kilos with a maximum speed of 250 km/hour, Afalina works on a customizable Enigma system, that allows the pilot to pick and choose his cockpit display layout from hundreds of devices and functions. It is designed as a multipurpose helicopter capable of performing a variety of tasks, including the training of pilots, maintenance of pipelines and power lines, aerial surveillance, police patrolling, transportation of personnel, farm work and recreational flights.

According to HeliWhale, the helicopter will cost $120,000 (Rs 76,80000 approx), which includes heating and ventilation systems in the cockpit, consuming 12 to 16 litres of fuel per hour.

And here’s the best part. They will be supplied to customers as kit-sets for self assembly. How cool is that?

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