12 Jun

Somebody Parked in Your Lane? Report Them

Ever been annoyed by those who park their cars/bikes in the wrong places? Also, don’t you get frustrated when there’s nothing you can do despite a violation staring you in the eye? If lousy parkers bother you, you are not alone. Canada-based app TowIt has
made it their prerogative to get these violations reported and make streets safer.


All a user has to do is take a snapshot of the offender’s license plate and upload it on the app. TowIt then geotags the report and compares it to local laws (subject to availability). Valid reports are then posted on a global feed to connect with authorities and towing companies for enforcement.

The application is crowd-sourced, global and supposedly works wherever Google Maps works. The app also aims to reduce collisions, improve the environment, open up economies and enhance lives of urban commuters.


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