20 Jun

So This is What Smog Tastes Like

We are familiar with the smells of Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. In fact, each city has its own distinct odor. Most Indian metros are rife with pollution, with Delhi leading the way, and smog is kind of a given. But ever wondered how smog tastes like?


The recently held Ideas City Festival in NYC had experimental chefs from Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Edible Geography prepare the likes of smog-infused meringues to raise awareness on pollution. How did they do it? By harvesting air from highly polluted areas and serving it in meringue form; air from Los Angeles, Atlanta and Central Valley, California was used.

The meringues are part of an awareness program designed to take otherwise tedious air-quality data and transform it into a more visceral experience. People will skim through data and infographics, but nothing gets attention more than having the particulate matter on tongues, argue creators of the ‘culinary delight’.

So are these meringues safe to eat? According to scientists, “inhaling smog over extended periods of time is extremely dangerous to health, but the human digestive system is more robust than our respiratory system.” So there!


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