6 Jun

Ridlr Just Got Updated

We are just done with our latest release (3.2.1). And these are the features you can look forward to.

Enhanced search across agencies
This feature lets you connect with trains across Lines and shows connections, informing you where you can change your train. For eg. you can now check the travel time between Station A (Western Line) and Station B (Harbour Line), get information on Train type (Slow/Fast/Semi Fast/Ladies Special).

Drive Tab
This feature helps you check the time it will take you if you drove from Point
A to Point B. The times are approximate, but factors in traffic snarls,
accidents, blocks & diversions from real time users. Also, find alternate
routes and distance in kms. Just punch in your start point and destination and
discover the magic.

Newsfeed is powered by Traffline and gives you the lowdown of what’s going on, on the route you’ve taken. The ongoing quips of fellow travellers makes this feature fun. At least you know you’re not alone on that long road to your workplace.


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