4 May

Ridlr For The Masses – Part 5 (Family Men)

Can people do without our app? Yes. But have you ever wondered what a free app like Ridlr can actually achieve? Let’s take the case of a family man and call him Rahim.

Rahim has responsibilities and needs to find the best resources at optimum rates- books for kids, special meats for family needs, clothing from trusted traders, etc. These activities are often more frequent than one can imagine and require extensive travel in and around the city, sometimes multiple trips in a day.



Rahim needs Ridlr to navigate around the city using the various modes of transport available. Rapid Metro information to move from Red Line to Purple Line, and DTC bus’ schedule to not miss any important event. Not only will Ridlr help schedule travel, it will also prescribe a better way to choose modes of travel, keeping time and cost in mind. Rahim gets his work done, Ridlr gains a fan.

If you’re struggling with public transport in Delhi and want to make sense of the situation, simply download Ridlr. It’s free and effective and might just make your travel sensible.

This post is brought to you by Ridlr, the best Public Transport app in the country, providing live timings and time-tables for bus, train, metro and monorails for 10 cities in India. Download the free App today. Download now

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