20 Apr

Ridlr For The Masses – Part 3 (Working Men)

We’ve seen how Ridlr enables students and housewives to navigate through the city with live schedules and real time information. While Ridlr is for anyone who wants to move about in their city using public transport.

worker A

This time, we focus on the trials and travails of the working man. Let’s call him Raj. Raj belongs to the working class, where time means everything. Right from waking up in the morning to shutting off at night, he is hard-pressed for time. He has to spend time with his wife, his children, his colleagues, his boss, his friends, etc. making his schedule one of the busiest among all other groups. Raj also needs time by himself, to unwind, but how will he manage when most of his time is spent traveling from one place to another?

Ridlr comes to the rescue by listing down exactly all of the stations and stops that are available for bus stops and Rapid metro. It predicts how much time will be spent going from Point A to Point B, and it lists down alternate routes, should you be in a hurry. Raj can not only plan his journey well, he can also choose to save time by arriving at the bus stop at precisely the time the bus arrives. Thus saving himself grief and energy, saving time and utilizing it better.

If you identify with Raj, tell us how Ridlr has made your life simple. Suggestions/feedback always welcome.

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