13 Apr

Ridlr for the Masses – Part 1 (Housewives)

In this series, we will bring you one character, whom you can relate to and explain how Ridlr can benefit that particular demographic.

If you’ve downloaded the Ridlr App, you will find that it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for. Let’s take housewives for example. Let’s name her Lata. Now Lata has to go to the market, drop the kids to school, go grocery shopping, visit the temple on Tuesdays, meet her kids’ mothers about homework, etc. What Ridlr does for her is simplify her commute. Lata doesn’t have to wait at the bus stop to board her favorite Bus No. 7 at Model Town anymore. She can just look up Ridlr and find out when the next bus is due, meanwhile finishing her chores and heading to the bus stop just in time.


Moreover, she can just look up Metro lines, and figure out how she wants to move about. Ridlr makes it that simple. Live timings, bus stops, metro stations, etc. all activated on the Ridlr app.

Ridlr – Making life easy for all the Latas out there.

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