17 Nov

Recharge your Mumbai metro card with Ridlr

Mumbai metro has lived up to our expectations by all means when it comes to service. We’ve been paying a fare as less as Rs.10/- to access one of the swankiest modes of transit in the city. It’s been more than a year and it continues to be one of the fastest ways to commute beating our century old local trains.

Mumbai Metro Fare:

Go for regular tokens, single or return based on your commuting needs. Smart cards are ideal for all the commuters. You can also go for a 45 trip pass if you’re a regular commuter. Have a look at the fare table to decide what would be the most feasible option for you.


Mumbai Metro fare for Single Token Journey



Mumbai Metro fare for Store Value Pass



What makes it coolest of all?

Apart from the fact that it saves a lot of time with its awesome frequency & keeps the roads relatively free, Mumbai metro offers ticketing options that’re quick and easy. You can recharge your metro card at the counter or do it online with Ridlr. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Download Ridlr app from Google Play Store

Ridlr on Google Playstore

Download Ridlr from Google Play Store


Step 2: Select city as Mumbai

Select city

Select city as Mumbai


Step 3: Click on metro recharge

Metro Recharge

Click on Metro Recharge


Step 4: Enter your smart card number

Enter details

Enter card details


Step 5: Make the payment

Enter Card Details1

Make the payment


You can recharge multiple cards and check detailed history of each transaction. You get all the details including card number, recharge amount, date and time of recharge, payment gateway, & unique order id. Just mail this history to any of your mail clients and keep this digital invoice handy for use, if need be. So go ahead, recharge your metro card now!

This post is brought to you by Ridlr; it provides timetables and schedules for various modes of public transit, including Bus, Train and Metro, making commute as informed as possible. It also provides live traffic alerts, helping you make route choices and steer clear of congested areas. And if you’re looking for parking, look no further; Ridlr displays free and paid parking in your city. Download the app now.

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