21 Mar

Public Transportation: An Indirect Health Benefit

Admit it. You’ve taken a gym membership but all hopes of  achieving your ‘five days a week’ goal have not gone the way  you’ve imagined. According to Forbes magazine, a gym membership is one of the 10 things people waste their money on and there are
ample studies to prove that more than 50% of gym memberships go unused.

Various sources point to a 20-22 minutes a day walking schedule for optimum health for an average adult. Which means you need another healthy habit to keep your body in motion.


A study called Evaluating Public Transportation Health Benefits claimed that increasing the frequency of taking public transport to and from work increased physical activity and benefited mental health. People living near transit stations were considered most healthy according to one study.

Life expectancy also improved as one study suggested that buses and trains are safer than cars, and that people were 9 times more likely to die taking a car than a train.

But enough about these studies, tell us what you think. Is public transportation working for you? Do you see yourself healthy or yearning for some time to get fit?

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