6 May

Pollution Control Measure: Putting trucks on trains, RORO service



Considering severe air pollution levels, two transport experts have suggested introduction of Roll On Roll Off (RORO) service for commercial vehicles that ply through Delhi to avoid a lot of Diesel emissions. The proposal involves trucks being carried directly on railway wagons between two destinations.

Two experts who have proposed this idea are Kailash Mishra, a specialist in Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions From the Transport Sector and Himani Jain, Sustainable Transport Expert from IIT Delhi.

Keeping in mind heavy inflow of diesel vehicles in NCR the applicants proposed introduction of RORO service for transporting all heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, irrespective of their age or fitness level , transiting through Delhi/NCR on train provided by Northern Railways at a cost lower than road transport cost. Experts also mentioned that Konkan Railway has been operating RORO service on fully loaded trucks for last 16 years and have transported approximately 5lakh trucks during the period. The technology and system of RORO has been tried and tested successfully by Indian Railways and may be replicated in NCR. Western line starting from Alwar to Panipat via Rewari, Jhajjar and Rohtak is underutilized and should be assessed for RORO project, experts suggested.

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