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Penalty for drink & drive in Mumbai

Caught driving drunk? Get ready to face the consequences. It’s going to cost you 5 times more than the fine you’d pay earlier with new rules approved by the Union Cabinet. Six years of imprisonment with a fine up to Rs 10000 have been approved recently. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to regret about your act, even though it’s a bailable offence under law.

Cops on a mission:
Traffic cops have been on a mission with “Don’t drink and drive” initiative operational since 2007. There has been considerable reduction in the number of law offenders with stringent rules and penalties in place.

Collections till date:
Did you know a whopping 15 crores of fine has been collected from drunk drivers under “Don’t drink and drive” campaign? A sudden surge in collections has been witnessed during festivals. You’d start looking at breathalyzers as a money making maneuver of the cops. Now that you know this, we’re certain you’d correct your actions for the good & wouldn’t fill their coffers.

Fine & Penalties:
The amount of fine you pay is directly proportional to the level of alcohol running into your blood. Here’s what you must know about fine you’d pay for getting caught driving drunk:

Penalty for Drink and Drive

Penalty for Drink and Drive in Mumbai

Caught under the influence drugs?
Be ready to face a fine of Rs 5000 or 6 months imprisonment, if caught under the influence of any narcotic drugs. This fine would go up to Rs 10000 if the offence is repeated within a span of 6 months or cancellation of driving license.

Let a friend or driver accompany when you’ve had alcohol. Think twice before you hit the road with alcohol running into your veins & save innocent lives.

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