4 Dec

Mumbai – The accident capital of India

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, a city famous for its never ending spirit, a city known for its versatility, is also well-known for the frequency of accidents that outnumber the rest of the Indian subcontinent. According to a study by National Records Crime Bureau, Mumbai leads by a whopping 13.4% for accidents in India.

Reasons behind rising accidental deaths in Mumbai:
There are ample of reasons that add to the death toll caused by accidents in Mumbai including driving on the wrong side, pedestrian crossing, debris, speeding up on the Expressway, building collapses, drowning, haphazard parking and railway lapses to name a few.

Accident statistics in Mumbai:
These striking stats about accidents in Mumbai will definitely make you ponder how safe is it for you to walk the road alone.

  • Out of every 100 people, 88 who die in road accidents are bikers or pedestrians.
  • On an average 9 people lose their lives while crossing tracks or committing suicide on rail tracks.
  • Government Railway Police records indicate 2,221 deaths occurred on the Central Railway and 1,202 on Western Railway in the year 2014.
  • Major reason behind road accidents include rash driving and uneven road conditions.
  • 5% deaths in Mumbai were due to accidental jumps since 2012.

Out of 53 mega cities in India, Mumbai outnumbers every city in total accidental deaths. Poor infrastructure, alarming population, surge in migrants and many other grave issues need to be taken care of to bring these figures down. Hope these startling statistics induce you to abide by safety rules laid down by the government.

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