29 Jun

Maybe It’s Time to Carpool

Carpooling has been around for a while now and is increasingly becoming popular in smaller cities and towns. But as metros get more crowded and public transportation becomes a pain, carpooling looks promising, even with the prospect of traveling with total strangers.

For the uninitiated, carpooling is car-sharing. It is when a driver agrees to take two or more colleagues to work and back, every morning and evening, with everyone sharing the cost for fuel and other things.

Carpooling is more than just cutting costs. It is also about reducing congestion on roads, pollution, and minimizing time spent looking for parking. You get to meet new people and somehow the commute is less than boring. Plus, if you don’t feel like driving, you can always pass it to someone else for a change.  The benefits are many.

How to go about it?

Social media has made carpooling really easy. Facebook and Twitter are leading platforms to get in touch with people of similar interests, with a number of groups and pages dedicated to these. Plus, the onset of mobile apps have made it really easy to access these on iOS and Android smartphones. Here’s a demo of what’s in it for you:


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