29 Jul

Making Money With Ridlr

Do you have friends? Then how does it sound when we tell you that your friends can get you money with Ridlr? How so? Here’s the lowdown:

Ridlr, the public transport app is looking to spread its wings- but with your help. Every time you refer Ridlr to your friend and he/she installs the app, you get a Rs 10 voucher from FreeCharge.in. Let us break it down further.

You have Ridlr on your Android phone (yes, it’s only on Android for now). You want your friend, Ramesh to access public transport information and refer the app to him. Ramesh sees your invite and installs the app (from Play Store). Next thing you know, a Rs 10 voucher from FreeCharge appears in your inbox like magic.

To break it even further, here are The Steps:

1) Download Ridlr (if you haven’t still)


2) From the navigation menu, go to “Invite & Earn”


3) Get a unique referral link to share with friends and family


4) Get Rs. 10 FreeCharge vouchers via email within 24 hours of your friends’ installing Ridlr.


And remember, more friends = more vouchers.

And now the fine print.

1) Your friend needs to be a first time user of Ridlr.
2) We discourage use of emulators and will not reward anyone if our system catches such users/events.
3) The vouchers will be redeemed ONLY at FreeCharge.in. Any disputes/grievances arising from such can be addressed to us at referral@birdseyetech.com


This post is brought to you by Ridlr, the best Public Transport app in the country, providing live timings and time-tables for bus, train, metro and monorails for 10 cities in India. Download the free App today. Download now

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