17 Nov

Know web like Railway Routes that keep Mumbai on its toes

Mumbai, being one of the densest cities in the world is quite famous for its ingenious transport system. Entire city is covered by a network of local trains that cover almost every part of the dream city. The trains here are rightly known as ‘Lifeline of Mumbai’ because over 7 million people travel by the locals here each day. Understanding the railway routes in Mumbai can be quite confusing but here’s a map that’ll help make some sense out of it.


Suburban Railway Route Map, Mumbai


Train Types and Route Lines:

There are 2 types of local trains’ i.e. slow trains and fast trains. The slow trains cover each and every station while the fast trains cover only major stations. These routes are divided into four regions i.e. Western line, Central line, Harbour line and Trans Harbour. Here’s a list of some of the major junctions:

Western Line

  • Borivali
  • Andheri
  • Mumbai Central

 Central Line

  • Ghatkopar
  • Thane
  • Kalyan

 Harbour Line

  • Wadala Road
  • Panvel
  • Mumbai CST

Trans Harbour Line:

  • Thane
  • Vashi

Peak hours of the Western line are 9:00 am to 10:30 am and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, when the frequency of people travelling is so high that sometimes it is impossible board or alight the train. Avoid going to South side of the city in mornings as people travel to work and north side of the city in evenings as they return back home.

Mumbai Metro Rail Route:


Mumbai Metro Route Map

Introduction of Metro Rail helped people travel from Western side of the city to Central. Andheri is a major junction on this line as it offers easy access to Western and Harbour railway line. Apart from this, the average commute time of people has shortened by 30 minutes and roads remain relatively free from jams. Here’s a list of stations on Mumbai’s first ever metro line:

  • Versova
  • N. Nagar
  • Azad Nagar
  • Andheri
  • Western Express Highway
  • Chakala / B. Nagar
  • Airport Road
  • Marol Naka
  • Saki Naka
  • Asalpha
  • Jagruti Nagar
  • Ghatkopar


Ticketing options for suburban trains:

ATVM Card 1

ATVM Smartcard for Suburban Trains


Every rail route offers different ticketing options. You can opt for a ticket or pass while travelling on the suburban rail route. You can travel by single ticket for one way journey or return ticket if its two way, pass is ideal for regular travellers. The suburban rail network offers different class of travel viz. second class and first class. The difference between the two is that former is fairly economical whereas later is 8 times expensive. There’s not much of a difference when it comes to crowd as both are equally packed during peak hours. Considering your convenience you can opt for a paper ticket or use ATVM card to skip the queue.

Ticketing options for metro trains:

Mumbai Metro Recharge with Ridlr

Recharge your Mumbai Metro card with Ridlr


Mumbai metro offers easy ticketing options. You can use smartcards or tokens. Smartcards are ideal for regular commuters as they are easy to use and refill. One of the most convenient ways to recharge your metro card online is with Ridlr. Just download the app and recharge anywhere, anytime.

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