18 May

Is Scooter Ridesharing the New Thing?

The search for making commute simple never ends. There are always factors to
keep in mind – time, money and ease. Every city tries to incorporate policies and structures to make travelling easy for its population. Newer rides are introduced keeping in mind the fare and accessibility. So there isn’t much surprise to see scooter-sharing making its foray into urban commuting.


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A number of start-up ventures have toyed with the idea of scooter-sharing. For starters, this is a fun way to commute to work, while zipping your way through traffic, is economical, doesn’t require parking and no refuelling tensions. All you need is a tiny app. These beauties come in myriad shapes and colors, and are available at your convenience, just like Uber. While we’ve yet to see an app like this for India, here are some brands, from around the world, that are noteworthy.

Scoot Networks – Based in San Francisco, this company provides electric scooters that rent for as little as $5 an hour. Each scooter comes with a helmet and insurance for the rider, and has an ignition that can be unlocked using a mobile phone. Once a user has plugged his smartphone into the scooter’s dock, the phone becomes a dashboard that provides maps, speedometer, and a battery gauge. The app also tracks a user’s location, so Scoot knows where its vehicles are at any given time.

Scooterino – This on-demand scooter ridesharing service works just like Uber, where users begin by downloading the app and creating an account. Each trip costs about 3 Euros, and are an excellent option for individual passengers. They are eco-friendly, helping to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and has revolutionised the way people in Rome commute.

Motit – Users must be at least 21 years of age, and have a car or 125cc motorcycle license to use this Barcelona-based service, that hit markets in 2013. With an 80 kg total weight, the electric Motit needs 2 hours for an 80% charge. The helmet locking system and a 7″ touchscreen GPS are standard, and the Motit is also smartphone-capable. Per hour charge is usually around 4 euros.

eMio – Launched in March 2015, the Berlin-based company provides users with simple, flexible mobility – without purchase, maintenance or insurance costs. Quiet and environmentally friendly, the electric scooters can go up to 45 km/hour on the road, and boasts a cost of 19 cents per minute, with most rides being around 5 euros.

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