21 Apr

Invite & Earn With Ridlr

Our app has a quirky new feature that lets you invite your friends to Ridlr and helps you earn money when they install the app. Spreading the word is just so simple. Well almost. But first, the basics.

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1) Check the navigation menu on the app
2) Go to the Invite & Earn feature & invite friends to install the app
3) Get Rs 10 on every unique install for upto 5 friends
4) Get coupon codes to your mailbox
5) Redeem these on www.freecharge.in

This is easy but you need to keep a few things in mind.

Unique install is key

Our system can detect if a device has installed Ridlr in the past and does not count it as unique. To count as a unique install for your coupon, the device should install Ridlr for the first time.

Wait upto 24 hours
The coupon code will be disbursed only once a unique install has been confirmed. This procedure can take awhile due to high volume of referrals. So if your email is taking longer than 24 hours, do get back to us at contact@birdseyetech.com

Links may vary
The link you share with your friend and the link he/she may get may vary. But this is perfectly okay as all links lead to the same destination. No need to lose confidence and your referral will be counted.

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