2 Jul

How to Tame Your Train Travel in 6 Ways

Trains and rains are not a good combination. What takes a lot of time in regular humid weather, doesn’t automatically get better in a deluge-like situation. But since it’s next to impossible to reach work in the shortest possible time on any other mode of
travel, here’s how you can keep your cool, master the art and become a train ninja.


Image Source: Grabhouse

1. Look the train in the eye

A train arriving on a platform can look scary especially when it looks like it’s bursting at the seams. Take a deep breath if you’re not sure how to go about this. Very often people will jostle you while getting in. However, if you’re in Mumbai, don’t worry. Fellow commuters will first verbally abuse you and then give you a helping hand.

2. Missing a train is alright

If the train is jam-packed and you cannot get into it, it’s okay to miss this train. There’ll be another in 3-10 minutes. Also, if you have to hang precariously by the door, is it worth the
journey? Your life is much more valuable than a late mark on the roster. WAIT FOR ANOTHER TRAIN!

3. Avoid any/every fight

A public spat always gets eyeballs. More so when it’s inside a moving local. Instead of offering your two bits, it’s best to avoid these (like plague). Watch from a distance if you must; enterprising women in the ladies’ compartment also offer a live commentary to those sitting far away. You will be updated!

4. Download a worthy transit app

It’s good to keep up with the times. If you don’t have an app that tells you what to do and how, don’t you think something is missing? There are many apps that make travel informative and better, but we recommend Ridlr. Why? Because the mind-blowing features can make a difference. Literally.

5. Carry a Power Bank

Train travel sometimes incurs unforeseen delays and can get sluggish when there’s a downpour. You cannot listen to music, text or chat if your battery is dying. A power bank can come in handy during these times of need. Only don’t get it wet in the rain.

6. Train friends can save the day

Most train commuters have a fixed train route. Commuters rarely deviate from a fixed schedule. Fixed schedule implies fixed trains. Fixed trains mostly imply fixed compartments. Fixed compartments mostly imply fixed commuters. Do the math. Your potential Facebook buddies are travelling with you and they can make your journey come alive.


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