4 Jul

Hackathon @Ridlr

What happens when a bunch of coders are let loose in the office during a hackathon? Emotions are high and ideas are generated faster than a coke vending machine. Every team has its own strategy. A motivational speech and few pizzas later, the programmers get on an adrenaline rush and nothing can stop them  There’s time for just one crucial question:

Q: Why do you think your team will win?

Komal – I have been thinking about this Hackathon ever since it had been announced. My team found many flaws in the top 10 apps of all time. Winning should be a piece of cake.

Hemal – We have the most organised team and have analysed work from every angle. Plus, everything we are doing is totally legit. Ethical practices for the win!

Rizwan – We’re a bunch of hardworking guys who will stop at nothing to get the job done. I think it’s this type of attitude that wins wars. What’s a hackathon?

Ravindra – The best part about this team is that it doesn’t have a single Android developer. A mix of specialties, highly energetic people and a rocking team spirit. Need I say more?

Sachin – I don’t know about winning. We’re here to make the most of this Hackathon. But we may win because our only developer is female. Here’s to girl power!

Here are some pictures from the day.







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