28 Jan

Free WiFi at Mumbai Central Railway Station

Last September, during Narendra Modi’s visit to Google’s HQ in Silicon Valley, Google announced that it will be making Public WiFi services available at railway stations across India and it looks like they have delivered on their word!


On Friday, Google India along with RailTel announced the launch of free high-speed Public WiFi services at Mumbai Central Railway station. This will be the 1st of the 100 busiest railway stations Google has plans to cover this year. The project will eventually cover 400 stations in the country. Next in line are stations in Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur, and Ranchi.

Although the service is currently free of charge, Google has not specified weather it will remain the same. For now, Google’s main focus is to get the project up and running.

It’s good to see the Government is working hard to get ‘Digital India’ on the fast track. Meanwhile, Ridlr is doing its part too! We have setup Free WiFi services in NMMT buses AC – 123 and AC – 125 so that you guys can enjoy free internet on the go. Further, you guys can also buy your NMMT bus tickets for the same two routes by using the Ridlr App. We are working to get more bus routes so that you can Go Cashless!


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