19 Jun

Expats view of travelling in & around Bengaluru

No doubt Bengaluru has large no. of expats or outsiders residing within. Many migrate to Bengaluru for some or the other reasons such as good job, settled life, starting up some business and mainly to get into a good IT Firm and set up their career. Along with this comes many new challenges for them, out of which few are like traffic, public transport, handling expenses and mainly language and communication.


I myself have couple of expats as my friends who’ve migrated from other cities to Bengaluru.

On asking one of them about how is she experiencing life in Bangalore and what are the challenges she‘s facing, she explained me by saying, “I have not been able to understand Bangalore’s weather yet. Sometimes I feel too cold, sometime its little warm and sometimes it feels so great and pleasant here.”

When it comes to travelling in Bangalore, I loved all the places situated in and around the city.  Some of the problems that I have faced so far in the city are like the communication problem with the auto-walaahs, bus conductors and other locals, different tongue-twisting names of the areas and above all the mighty traffic on the city roads.

Communication problem is because I don’t know the local language of the city. Areas names are confusing to me as there are many areas have similar kind of names here. For example there are 2 areas having almost same name : Ulsoor and Halasuru, Gandhi Bazaar and Gandhi Nagar, Jalahalli and Agrahara Jalahalli etc. Traffic is really bad in this city as there are large no. of 2 wheelers and other vehicles plying on roads in the same direction.

If you ask the auto-walaahs, “Assaye Road to Millers road?” “No” comes the answer. At times they are so rude, they won’t even respond to you. At the very utterance of the name Assayee road they would make such a face and would drive away from you so fast, that you would feel sorry for ever wanting to go to a place like Assaye Road. If I tell them Assaye road, they don’t know where it is. So I tell them the nearest known place, that’s either Cox Town or Ulsoor Lake. And those places are again unacceptable. One would think since Ulsoor is a busy place, auto guys shouldn’t have problem finding passengers from there, but again they have some or the other issue.

The first day, when I couldn’t get any auto while coming back from work I got really worried. Didn’t know the bus station, didn’t even know the routes that I’ll walk down. After being turned down by about 7-9 autos, I guess the 12th or 13th guy agreed to go.”

There are many areas having names which is very difficult for me to remember. So, i have made a note of those area names so that it would be easy for me to recollect them whenever required. I have noted down some area names like, Kadubeesanahalli, Gorguntepalya, Nayandahalli, Thanisandra, Malleshwaram, Nagasandra, Nagarabhavi, and a few more like these.

On hearing all this, i felt really bad for her and wished her to not face such problem in her future. So, this is an example which shows how different expats face different problems in a new place like Bangalore and travelling there.

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