9 Nov

Different kinds of BEST bus routes in Mumbai

Mumbai is huge! Moreover, so are the expectations of 15 million people who live on this island city. To carry the burden of such big expectations, you need the best shoulders to rely on. Well, the city that never sleeps is blessed with great transportation facilities, and one of its wings is Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST).

The BEST operates inter-city to three areas neighboring the Mumbai city- Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mira Road- Bhayander. Whether it is the express highways or the narrow lanes of Greater Mumbai, BEST is the answer to reach everywhere. Nevertheless, what makes BEST the best is the routes that are framed to meet the demands of daily commuters and to offer them a hassle free journey. Majority of the bus routes in Mumbai are classified as:

Different Bus Routes

BEST Bus Routes in Mumbai


Feeder routes

  • These routes cover the major chunk of bus routes in Mumbai, around 50%.
  • It operates within a shorter range of distance, generally between 5km to 6km. In recent years due to more demand, the range has escalated to 8km.
  • It connects residential nodes to the trunk corridors or important destination like railways, monorail, airports, ports and metros.
  • Among, Feeder routes there are three additional sub-routes, namely local neighbourhood collector routes, long feeder routes and Central Business District (CBD) peak-hour feeder routes.
  • The local neighbourhood collector routes provides connectivity from residential areas to the suburban railway station and to the other subordinating areas of the city
  • Mumbai is big and challenging. Hence, to acquaint this aspect long feeder routes are designed to merge several other routes.
  • To cope up with peak hours, the third one i.e. CBD Peak-Hours Feeder Routes have been created that provides efficient transportation facilities in peak-hours with a zero-waiting services.

East-West Connectors

  • Local trains are believed to run Mumbai, but at times even, they are curtailed. In such scenarios, BEST has made bus route “East-West Connectors.”
  • These routes connect between eastern and western suburbs.

AC Express Routes

  • Minimum stops help commuters reach different end of cities swiftly and with ease.
  • The buses that operate on these routes are the AC express buses that run on the western and eastern express highway.

AC Standard Routes

  • The big Volvo, king’s size AC buses runs across the city.
  • The buses operating on this route have a higher ticket fare in comparison with the rest of the Non-AC routes.

This is what makes BEST the best in Mumbai.

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