4 Jun

Delay Certificate: We Need One of These

Picture this. You wake up early thinking you can finish your presentation before meeting the boss at work. You leave home quickly, catch the fastest train and, before you know it, the train has halted because of a snag or unforeseen problem. And your presentation is delayed. So is the meeting. And the boss is not amused.


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We can only take a cue from the Japanese train system that makes allowances for delays such as this. Japanese trains are one of the most punctual in the world, with an average delay of just 36 seconds. It is said that you can set your watch to the accurate train times. It is no wonder then that in those rare occasions whenever a train is delayed, the train personnel give commuters a delay slip.

If you happen to be traveling on a train that has been delayed, you can just walk to the ticket gate at the station, and ask for a chien shoumeisho (delay certificate/slip). This is the authorities’ way of saying that they are responsible for your delay and they take full responsibility for your loss of time. This parchment can apparently bail you out of a late arrival issue.

Surely, one of the perks of taking the public transit in Japan.

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