28 Sep

8 Reasons Why Mumbai Metro Rocks!

Andheri finally says goodbye to never ending queues for BEST buses, packed trains, and fussy auto rickshaws, thanks to Metro.   Here’s a list of reasons why we feel Mumbai Metro is an absolute rockstar! Travel time: Did you know...
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21 Aug

How Not to be a Tourist in Mumbai

It’s fairly easy to spot tourists anywhere. They attract locals like a moth to a flame, which is why they may be harassed, stalked or even flashed at. Tourists in India have a hard time for many reasons, but take...
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24 Jul

Ridlr Spotlight

We are overwhelmed by your response to Ridlr Spotlight. This week we have a tête-à-tête with Ravindra Bawaskar, who gives us a glimpse into his life. If you have any comments please use comments section instead of email. Ravindra Bawaskar Solutions...
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13 Jul

We’re Hiring!

There’s never a dull moment at Birds Eye Tech. Even on bleak rainy days, APIs will be built, reports will be generated, devices will be rooted, notifications will be fired off, strategies will be formulated, and so on. Working in a start up has its own learning, and the best part is that the buzz never dies.


We’re looking for people who love adventure and will leave no stone unturned in their undertaking. Currently, we’re hiring for:

Sr. Java Developer
Sr. Android Developer
Jr. Android Developer
iOS Developer
Content Writer
Business Developer
Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager

All these positions are based in Mumbai. If you fit the bill, drop us a line at career@birdseyetech.com and let us in on your awesomeness.


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9 Jul

Ridlr Spotlight

We’re back with spotlight of the week, thanks to popular demand from the Ridlr masses. Read on to know more about the Featured One. Anurag Kaliya Product Manager Currently working on: New features for Ridlr App, including improved user experience...
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4 Jul

Hackathon @Ridlr

What happens when a bunch of coders are let loose in the office during a hackathon? Emotions are high and ideas are generated faster than a coke vending machine. Every team has its own strategy. A motivational speech and few pizzas...
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20 Jun

Are we getting used to a noisy Mumbai?

We know that Mumbai is the noisiest city in the world, beating cities like Delhi, Tokyo and even Karachi. This can’t be good news. Noise levels have surpassed accepted levels and more and more people are thinking this is the...
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17 Jun

5 things To Do During Auto/Taxi Strikes

Who hasn’t had enough of strikes already? Whether auto or taxi, when a strike occurs during monsoons, there’s only so much you can do. There are some autowallahs who aren’t all that bad, but where there’s a union, there are...
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