1 Jun

Brace up in defence ‘Delhi’ against pollution

New Delhi: The glitz and glamour of the metropolitan cities, including Delhi and Mumbai attract hordes to their shores, however when it comes to considering the basket full of cons that it comes along, contributes heavily to the grim facts and figure. One such barbaric concern that has been taking a toll over hundreds and thousands of lives every year is –‘Pollution’ in Delhi.

Delhi pollution


For no good reason, polluted air that people are compelled to inhale worsens the situation, especially for those who have had been battling their life with medical concerns of any sort. Regardless of age or gender bars, pollution is potent enough to aggravate the medical concerns, which I am sure would be last thing that anyone would wish for.

Going by the TOIs report, 8-year boy, Bram has been struggling with breathing concerns and one fine day, Bram’s lifeguard, his inhaler suddenly stopped working, leaving him awestruck. Perplexed and anxious parents of Bram, when were giving their best to move to the hospital had no other alternative, but to witness the crammed roads helplessly. On one hand where, Bram’s situation was worsening, both the parents could not think of any possible means to reach the hospital on time on the other hand. Recalling the terrible scenario, “the parents’ said that its one of the most frightening journey of their life”.  Fortunately, Bram was lucky enough to reach the hospital on time, where he was kept on medications and was finally discharged. The visual picture that I portrayed before you is something that every single day countless people have to struggle with and not everyone is lucky enough to spurge in baggage full of money and ultimately succumbs to ‘death’.

Going by the experts’ report, air, contaminated water, and flies ought to be accredited for Delhi’s true menace. Despite being one of the leading nations on the macro scale, the nation is still lagging behind on various fronts and if immediate steps of actions are not taken in conjunction to the same, things are likely to change upside down. As of now, nearly 4.4 million children have lost their lives are the statistics is likely to show an exponential proliferation. Also, citing World Health Organization, the city’s air is twice as polluted as Beijing.

Conclusion drawn:

It is an immediate need of the hour to brace up in defence and take aligned steps of action in order to compete with other countries on the road map of development. We suggest commuters of Delhi to use public transport to reduce the air pollution in the city.


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