12 Jun

Video: Practise Safe Driving

Safe driving can never be stressed upon enough. Recent news stories just go to show how much people with rash driving histories get away with punishment. Law and order can only go so far in a country that’s constantly on...
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6 Jun

Ridlr Just Got Updated

We are just done with our latest release (3.2.1). And these are the features you can look forward to. Enhanced search across agencies This feature lets you connect with trains across Lines and shows connections, informing you where you can...
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4 Jun

Is Noise Pollution Making You Obese?

According to a study by Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, traffic noise is responsible for weight gain with the risk of obesity doubling for homes that live near a railway, under a flight path or on the main road. Image Source: Google...
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29 May

Would You Like Pets Traveling With You?

Pet policies differ from country to country. Many countries allow pets to use the public transport system, when accompanied by their owners. Asian countries, by far, have only recently modified laws to let four-legged creatures into a train or metro....
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