2 Dec

8 Reasons why you need a live traffic app in Mumbai

In an age where technology and apps dominate every aspect of our lives, it is not just exciting but also convenient to have a live traffic app like Ridlr that offers latest travel updates. Life in Mumbai is characterized by it’s traffic snarls and chaotic rush all day long especially during the rush hours. It’s best to figure out ideal routes before you leave home. Let’s have a look at reasons you need this live traffic app while commuting in Mumbai.

  • With continuous traffic feeds from a variety of sources, you know where and how to move within the city.
  • Live traffic app allows you to become a part of an information system that can help you with real time information on the go. You can put feeds of what you observe while commuting.
  • The traffic data is connected to live GPS probes making it easier for you to trace the live traffic conditions of the route you’re on.
  • Live traffic apps present complex traffic information in a format that’s easier to comprehend, what else could you have asked for?
  • Access information about most of the public transit schedules including local train, buses, metro to name a few.
  • Skip long ticketing queues while using metro or buses in Mumbai. You can recharge your metro smart cards anytime anywhere. You’d be able to book bus tickets soon.
  • Travelling by local train in Mumbai is inevitable. Plan your commute well with the help latest schedules, congestion and mega block alerts.
  • Find free and paid parking spots available around the city in a single swipe.

Lastly, live traffic apps have a lot more to offer than provide vital information about city traffic conditions.

This post is brought to you by Ridlr; it provides timetables and schedules for various modes of public transit, including Bus, Train and Metro, making commute as informed as possible. It also provides live traffic alerts, helping you make route choices and steer clear of congested areas. And if you’re looking for parking, look no further; Ridlr displays free and paid parking in your city. Download the app now.


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