28 Sep

8 Reasons Why Mumbai Metro Rocks!

Andheri finally says goodbye to never ending queues for BEST buses, packed trains, and fussy auto rickshaws, thanks to Metro.


Courtesy: ndtv.com


Here’s a list of reasons why we feel Mumbai Metro is an absolute rockstar!

Travel time:

Did you know that the Metro shortens your travel time to less than half? Yes Sir! If you consider regular transit, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Which means, should the metro break down, chaos will ensue in no time at all!  But in case you are planning to reach areas like Seepz & Bisleri in a blink – just forget it. The Metro is still in its nascent stage and will evolve gradually. So stay put! For now BEST buses are your closest ally.

Cool & comfortable:

Metro has truly raised our commuting standards on this route as the comfort level is up by 200%. Though the super dense crush load is as high as local trains, state-of-the-art air conditioning systems save the day. Fewer seats mean more leg room. Considering the mob at peak hours, you cannot remain untouched once inside the Metro. People here are good at effectively occupying every inch of space available around you. Yeah!

Zero accidents:

You just can’t take the Metro for granted, no hanging around or jumping off the door just as you do in the locals, which makes the Metro really safe. The accident & causality rate here has been zero till date. Unbelievably so.

No Time Lag:

Metro adds minutes of peace and solace to your life as it runs at 100% precision with no time lag. A recent study revealed that Metro reduces the overall travel time by 30 minutes on an average, giving you enough time for maybe a haircut? So ‘zip through’ as the Smart Card says. But brace yourselves, you have to do the walking to the Metro itself. No shortcuts here.

Fair fare:

Not just the local trains, the Metro is equally easy on the wallet for the services it offers. With a minimum fare of Rs.10/- everyone can ride it. What’s more? Online recharge facility is possible with Ridlr.  Ditch the queues, no more delays and convenience at your fingertips. Voilà!

Superb snack options:

You can now satiate your hunger pangs with a wide assortment of snacking options available near the check-in counters. You’re sure to slurp as you get everything from organic subs and sandwiches to ice-creams and confectionery!

Great security:

Boy! Metro does everything from frisking to scanning bags, it leaves no stone unturned to assure you a secure ride. What’s worth noticing is that it doesn’t restrict itself to these mandatory practices. Keep the cameras away, the officials follow a strict ‘’no photographs” policy.

Clean & tidy:

Metro is one of the cleanest modes of transit as it has its own mechanisms of tracing litterbugs and boorish passengers. Wow! There’s no way they can get away or evade fines for soiling the premises.

All-in-all be assured that your Metro ride would be quite comfortable as compared to other transit options.

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