13 Nov

8 Incredible cross border road trips from India

Ditch your Delhi to Bangkok flight for a fun road trip that connects India to Thailand via Asian Highway 1, thrown open recently. Recall your history lessons & visualize the conquerors and monarchs riding all the way to their kingdoms amidst all the weather extremities, battles and starving expeditions. Well, you’re not going starve or fight bad weather if you plan your trip and equip yourself with all that it takes for a successful international road trip. It’s going to be an ecstatic journey filled with myriad of wonders on the way. This is your gateway to eight different countries, read on to find out what all can you explore.



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Mighty Mt. Everest, delicious food and good alcohol awaits you at the end of your road trip to Nepal. You’d meet pretty pally people on the way. Taking a bus is much easier as patrol staff is likely to bother you if you drive down.



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Get ready for a spine breaking drive to the country of old-world aura Myanmar. Well, that’s the price you pay for ceasing the breath-taking moments of beauty at Burma.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka

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Drive down to the country full of beautiful beaches & lush green forests. Try a host of thrilling activities like adventure Sports, Heritage Tours, Religious Visits, Wildlife Tours, Plantation Visits, Art and Culture Tours. You’d be amazed with the rich cultural heritage that makes Sri Lanka what it is today.



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Visit Bhutan to discover what makes it one of the happiest countries in Asia. Tourists are gravitated to this tiny Himalayan town just as moth is driven towards a blazing flame. You’d love to explore its rich artistic inheritance and vibrant atmosphere.



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Experience the cultural spirit of Malaysia with skyscrapers on one hand and houses by the river on another. You’d be covering a distance of 5629.3 kms in 90 hours approx. The city offers great dining options which would be a welcome treat after covering this massive distance.



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Discover Bangladesh, the country with one of the world’s longest natural beach, picturesque landscapes, tea gardens, historical monuments, chaotic cities, enchanting rivers, colourful tribal life and a lot more. This is the only country that literally shares the glimpses of its border from several parts of India.



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Thailand is the world’s cheapest holiday destination with spectacular beaches, exotic destinations and friendly people. You’d be covering a distance of 4198 kms in 71 hours approx. While air fare may be cheaper, road trip from Delhi to Bangkok is still pretty exciting.



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Driving down to China can be a nerve-wracking task for anyone as of now as the process of getting a sovereign travel pass takes ages for approval. Do let us know if you succeed in getting one.

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