6 Nov

7 tips & driving directions for a kickass road trip in India

Planning a road trip? If you are, then be ready for some groundwork before you hit the world’s second largest road network running over 33 lakh kilometers. Groundwork or planning is not just about choosing the best route or vehicle, it’s about adopting 360 degree approach and covering all the ancillary factors that may impact your driving experience. Read on for some important tips and driving directions that’ll help you steer clear on Indian roads.


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Travelling on Indian roads is always an exhilarating experience. To make it more amazing there are several digital platforms that help you in planning it, by providing an apt route map to enjoy a hassle free road trip. Make your journey hiccup-free and fill it with ease and comfort clear route map. Here’s a list of sites that’ll help you access dynamic map of Indian roads:

  • Mapsofindia.com one of the best digital sources widely used for driving directions. The site serves as a plethora of data which is useful to better our understanding about national highways, state highways and major district roads with the key details.
  • Mapmyindia.com not only helps you with driving directions, but also provides you with special features to help locate ATMs, Petrol Pumps, Restaurants, Hospitals and other attractions to ease your journey.
  • Bing.com is known to provide the most diversified driving directions assistance. Unlike others, this unique portal provides you to check your travel requirements in multiple languages.
  • Oktatabyebye.com is a travel guide that features useful insights related to hotel reviews, destination features, maps and directions, and, travel blogs that help you to gauge the right and the best itinerary for your road trip.

Just knowing the driving directions is not enough to cruise along the snow clouded roads of Leh or to experience the terrains of Sahyadri’s. Go through this checklist to ensure a smooth trip.

Fuel up: The Golden rule before commencing a road trip is to fuel up your car and get it car checked and serviced to avoid a mid-trip crisis.

Driving Permits: Keep a check on the validity of your driving permit. Apply for renewal or fresh request depending upon laws of the location you’re planning to cover.

Duration: Every place has its own climatic uniqueness that plays a key role in satiating wanderlust about the destination. Right duration of the key. Hence, selecting the right time to visit a particular place is very important.

Bookings: Book your hotel well in advance to escape last minute delays and cancellations. Also try to get some insights from the locals about interesting things to do and figure out best routes.

First aid kit: Wherever you plan to go make sure to carry a complete first-aid kit with adhesive bandages, dressings, hemostatic agents, etc.

Driving companion: Driving consistently for long hours is not a cake walk. It’s important for you to take breaks and adequate amount of rest. Rotate seats on a timely basis to have a comfortable drive.

Music: Add music to your check list. Even if you’re travelling solo, good music is like a keeps you peppy and perky throughout the journey.

So, take your time and prepare your road trip with the essentials to match your comfort.

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