17 Jun

5 things To Do During Auto/Taxi Strikes

Who hasn’t had enough of strikes already? Whether auto or taxi, when a strike occurs during monsoons, there’s only so much you can do. There are some autowallahs who aren’t all that bad, but where there’s a union, there are demands.
Here’s 5 things you can do when faced with a strike anyways.


1) Services like Uber and Ola may not be as economic as taking a regular cab or taxi but they can surely save a lot of heartache during a strike. You may have to wait longer on such days, but at least you’re not jostling for space with scores of angry commuters.

2) Download the free public transport app – Ridlr. What Ridlr does is give you the lowdown on transit times for bus, train, monorail and metro. So if you miss your much-awaited local, just look up for another (fast, slow or ladies special). Ridlr will
also tell you the expected time to get from A to B. After all, we can rely on public transport, right?

3) Take your car for a spin. While driving/riding in the city has gotten from bad to worse, strike days are when you can forget traffic woes (lesser autos/cabs on the road), and look forward to parking that four-wheeler easily. And if you can’t find parking, just use this app – Traffline.

4) Work from home if you have the option to do so. Nothing beats strikes better than telecommuting. Sip on your beverage of choice, find a cozy spot and fire away those emails. Plus, if the situation permits, you can carry your laptop to a mall/restaurant
and kill two birds with one stone.

5) Bring about a change. If there’s nothing you can do about the strike, the least you can do is support groups who want better governance and transparency in the way things are done. Voice your opinion and maybe there will be fewer to no strikes someday – #autostrike


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