9 Jan

4 Simple ways to book train tickets in Mumbai

Are you new to the city or finding it difficult to book your local train tickets in Mumbai? Here’s a list of different ways by which you can book your local train tickets.

Ticket booking counters:
You can use this traditional method to book your local train tickets. Simply inform the clerk at the counter about your destination, class in which you wish to travel, single or return journey and pay cash for the tickets, that’s it!

There are agents authorized by railways who operate their shops in the station vicinity. They charge a minimal amount of commission in addition to the cost of ticket. Book your tickets here if you don’t wish stand in a queue and wait for a long time.

To reduce the passengers queuing up on the ticket booking counters, Railway has introduced Automatic Ticket Vending Machines. Just get yourself a smartcard, load it with adequate balance, flash it at the ATVM machine, enter your destination along with class of travel and hit the print button.

UTS App:
This app was introduced by Government in December 2014. Just download the app on your Android or iOS device, register your mobile number, pay through R wallet and print the ticket at any of the ATVM machines.

If you’re still looking for an option more convenient than the ones given above, brace yourself for Ridlr’s local train ticket booking feature to be introduced soon.


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