28 Oct

12 Facts that’ll make you swoon over Delhi Metro

Overcrowded, mechanical glitches, technical failures and swarmed with burglars, is this all we know about Delhi Metro? Well, think again. If this is it, why don’t you give your daily metro ride a miss? The truth is a lot more than what you think. Read on to find out some fascinating facts about Metro that you probably didn’t know.

Popular network:

Popular network

Courtesy: newshub.ridlr.in

Delhi metro is ranked as the second most popular public transit networks in the world. New York ranks first.

Massive coverage:

Delhi metro

Courtesy: mottmac.com

Delhi metro is likely to cover 295 kms ferrying 4 million commuters by 2016, daily.

Clean without bins:


Courtesy: theonlinejournalist.com

You’d be surprised to see that there are no dustbins inside the metro stations except for a couple of shops. Still the stations are quiet clean.

Environment friendly:


Courtesy: beebom.com

Did you know DMRC harvests rain water on its blue line? It conserves water as an environment measure.

Always on time:

Delhi metro on time

Courtesy: mottmac.com

Metro is the only thing that turns up on time when in Delhi, India rather.

Commercial feasibility:


Courtesy: www.railnews.co.in

Unlike other Indian public transit systems, Delhi metro has not only attained commercial feasibility but also booked profits too. The profit has risen from Rs.767.66 crore in 2011 to Rs.1062.48 crore in 2014.

First extra-dossed bridge:


Courtesy: indiamart.in

India got its first ever extra-dossed bridge due to Delhi metro project. Its located between Indraprastha & Pragati Maidan.

Safest mode of transit:


Courtesy: infiniterootstravel.wordpress.com

Metro is one of the safest modes of public transit in Delhi.

Ahead of schedule:

Delhi metro on time

Courtesy: mottmac.com

Unlike other public transit projects, Delhi metro phase 1 was completed ahead of schedule.



Courtesy: topyaps.com

Did you know male announcer is voiced by Shammi Narang whereas female announcer is voiced by Rini Simon?

Sari guard:


Courtesy: traveltriangle.com

Escalators at Delhi metro are equipped with ‘Sari guard’ that prevents the saris from getting entangled with the ridges, how thoughtful!

Millions of passengers:


Courtesy: youtube.com

A whopping 700 million passengers take the metro every year. That’s 2 times the population of United States of America.

So next time you see someone bragging about his extravagant car, you have all the right facts favoring your ride!

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